Alternative toys and supplies for better sex

We all know how vibrators and dildos can help you in your sex life. That is I hope a common knowledge, so I want to mention some other things that can help your sex life if used right. This will cover few of those additional toys and supplies that can be utilized during the intercourse or solo masturbation with or without vibrators or dildos to further enhance the experience.

Lubes are sometimes neglected form of sex toy or sex supply. I recommend using lubes during every intercourse, during masturbation too. It is uncomfortable having dry fingers, penis or any other thing being inserted in vagina, and you risk of self-injury, or your partner if you are with one. There are three major kinds of lubes that are recommended for use either for vaginal or anal penetration. We will speak about two of them, because oil-based lubes disolve latex and we all know that safe sex is always advised. Other two types are water-based and silicone-based lubes.

Water-based lubes are for all around use and can be used for either vaginal or anal penetration. They are most natural lubes. They work well with toys of any material and they will not damage them. There are certain brands that are more oriented towards vaginal sex, while there are other made mainly for anal sex. Unlike other types of lubes water-based ones have very small chance of feeling sticky thus spoiling the fun.

The other type of lube we should mention is silicone-based lube. This lube should be avoided in most cases. They don’t work at all with silicone vibrators and dildos, and in most cases they will damage or flat out break them. They should not be used for vaginal sex.

There are in fact only two occasions in which this kind of lube is advised. First is underwater sex. Water dissolves water-type lubes, and silicone-type lube is immune to water. Second occasion is if you are about to have an intense and long anal sex. In this case, silicone-based lube will last longer and will be more persistent than water-based lube.

You heard about butt plugs, and they are one of the two types of anal toys. They are sex toys that are meant to stay inside during vaginal sex. All of the butt plugs are shaped to do so, and they also come in various sizes. Anal toys that are meant to be pulled out during sex (gradually pulled out ) are called anal beads. They are made from several beads that are attached either by a form of string or are made from same material as a connecting part. They are inserted in the anus at the beginning of sex or masturbation and then they are gradually pulled out bead by bead increasing orgasm sensation.

For better sexual intercourse we should mention two additions a couple can use.

First of these two things would be blindfold. Giving the option of choice to your partner gives you a sense of helplessness which can enhance your and your partner’s sex drive.

Other thing worth mentioning is candlelight. Candles can soften the atmosphere and enhance the appearance of each partner or the role you play.